Monday, January 3, 2011

First post :)

Hey guys-
So have you ever been watching a YouTube video, or reading a question on a blog, and thought "well hey! I knew that! Why didn't I share it and get some online credit for it?" Maybe that's just something I do, but I have decided that with the new year starting and all, I am going to start sharing all of the info I've retained over the years about beauty, and since we're all going to be using our brains (right?!) to apply these tips, I figured I'd put that into my blog title. Plus, as we all know, beauty can indeed go hand in hand with brains! And the whole "beyond" part is just my way of allowing me an "out" if I want to post something that's totally off the wall ;)
I don't know if I have to do any sort of legal disclaimer or anything, but I guess I should state that: I am not a certified hair dresser, or makeup artist, and if I do talk about any products in this blog, it's just stuff I picked up off of the shelf and started using and really liked, not anything I am endorsing or trying to push. I do sell Mary Kay, and while there are other options to the MK products I may list in this blog (I'll try to give you drugstore alternatives), if you're interested in purchasing the products, message me for my MK website and ordering info.
I'm excited to start this whole thing off.... please feel free to message me/comment me if there's some question you have that you want me to address!

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